It took a bit of work to get this working, but I think we're there now. EDIT: I abandoned the .wiki version in favor of vanilla .git . It's much easier, and I can use folders.

Steps to reproduce:

The tutorial found here is very good, and I used most of its steps, subbing in GitHub for GitLab:


I tried to put things into folders to make the directory cleaner, but that borked the compatibility with GitHub (it could probably be worked out, but…). It seems that the best way to keep this organized and compatible with GH is to keep the structure flat, then make the index.html collapsible and well organized visually. On GH, the “pages” page will be essentially useless, but accessing the index will show a pretty and well-organized page. If I decide to sidestep GH at some point, I could pretty easily go back to folders.

EDIT: Using the .wiki style ended up being a pain, and the links in a normal GitHub repo work just fine. Sun 17 Nov 2019 10:23:05 AM CST