(or other academic medical centers)

At VUMC, the VA is right across a walkway (or vice versa). Despite physical proximity, the two institutions have vastly different backend structures.

VA -> US Dept of Veterans Affairs

VUMC -> TN Dept Health (but mostly self monitors)

residents vs hospitalist teams

VA: Residents do everything. VU: Hospitalist teams do all the “less educational” stuff and take care of COVID-19 pts

COVID-19 testing

VA: Cepheid Rapid Test in-house, Abbott m2000 (gold-standard for PCR-based COVID-19, sent to Lexinton, KY - will call if +) VU: in-house PCR

*both PCR-based, nasopharyngeal swabs, varying turn-around times Tue 30 Jun 2020 11:54:57 AM CDT