telehealth disparities

Getting telehealth set up for providers and patients is difficult. The providers have a rough enough time, and there is a near-guarantee that someone is tech-savvy enough to figure it out, almost regardless of the complexity of the telehealth system. Patients may not have the luxury of technological expertise, or access to it.

This makes solutions like Zoom's, where pretty much any browser can substitute for the app proper, not only convenient, but also moral.

Most people have smartphones now, even the elderly and poor. If they can get a link, and that's enough to get them a telehealth visit, they can get care.

Also, should data be free in these situations? Kind of how certain media providers had data waivers on certain carriers (e.g. some music app's streaming data wouldn't count against your data usage).

Tue 30 Jun 2020 11:44:13 AM CDT