professional identity

awkward transitions

Medical school, especially at the end, is awkward - you're giving orders, but can't really, carrying patients, but not really, etc. You can do a lot of good, but are purposefully (and thankfully) handicapped.

To what degree is residency similarly awkward? Full MD/DO, can write orders, but still heavily (thankfully) supervised.


Daniel Pink's Drive: autonomy, mastery, purpose (these map to Cal Newport’s1 autonomy, competence, connection)


See “awkward transitions”


Can't ever fully master medicine, as it's too large (even if scientific knowledge remained static), and scientific knowledge is exponentially expanding. The joyfulness of infinite play lies in learning to start something we cannot finish. See Carse's Finite and Infinite Games.


Work-life integration, rather than balance. Regain purpose with self-care, meaningful problems, surround yourself with great colleagues.

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  1. he didn't make these up, of course, and both Pink and Newport are popularizing large and deep academic fields